Are you struggling with your Agile adoption?

Or maybe you want to take it to the next level? Agile Diagnostic, the MOT check for your ways of working.
Lean Agile Assurance
Agile Diagnostic
Let's find out how your teams are really performing!

The Agile diagnostic has enabled our clients to understand why Agile adoption isn’t delivering the desired results and provides a clear roadmap to get them back on track.

We identify, capture and understand how Agile & Lean ways of working are deployed by your teams today, explore any issues and highlight the potential for improvement. Our 38 point Agile Diagnostic covers Technical, Product Management, Requirements Management, Testing, DevOps, Operations, Delivery and PMO. Our analysts engage with Management, Customer and Delivery Teams to get a comprehensive perspective of your current development capability.

Our approach is data driven to reduce the risk of cognitive bias and establish evidence in your existing processes and systems to validate any issues found. All the diagnostics we’ve conducted have uncovered systemic problems across our client organisations that, once resolved, have a profoundly positive impact on performance and culture.

The Agile Diagnostic produces a roadmap for a successful Agile transformation program providing you, your key stakeholders and executives with clear direction and an action plan for success.

What are people saying?

"I knew about Agile planning and sizing but did not know how to use them properly. I will definitely recommend it, it was very informative."

"My biggest fear was that this Agile structure just would not fit, but I think that we are working closely to this and are on a good path and identified new areas we have to work on. My favourite part of the workshop was the demo’s of the boards and how we could work through the sizing of projects."
NHS Digital

"Plenty of information, visuals, and tasks. Lots to take away and see how it can benefit us. Engaging, informative, fun. Definitely worth attending! I would go as far as saying is was brilliant."
Stockport Council

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