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Ombudsman Services
Shop Direct
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Waters Corporation

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What are people saying?

"I knew about Agile planning and sizing but did not know how to use them properly. I will definitely recommend it, it was very informative."

"My biggest fear was that this Agile structure just would not fit, but I think that we are working closely to this and are on a good path and identified new areas we have to work on. My favourite part of the workshop was the demo’s of the boards and how we could work through the sizing of projects."
NHS Digital

"Plenty of information, visuals, and tasks. Lots to take away and see how it can benefit us. Engaging, informative, fun. Definitely worth attending! I would go as far as saying is was brilliant."
Stockport Council

How we can help you to build world class capabilities


We analyse how Agile & Lean approaches are deployed by your teams and explore the potential for improvement. Our 38 point Agile Diagnostic provides a comprehensive view of your capabilities today and a roadmap for continuous improvement that is aligned to your business objectives.


Looking for a Scrum Master or Agile Project Manager? Our Agile Delivery Leaders leverage our methods to help your teams drive improvements in quality and accelerate results. “A refreshing alternative to sourcing contract personnel”.


How confident are you in your team’s delivery forecast? Are late delivery and missed deadlines impacting your reputation and relationship with the business? We provide an independent assessment of your projects, evidenced with data, that your board can depend on.


Learn how to estimate, plan, manage and succeed with Agile & Lean techniques, in a safe environment. Take the latest software development techniques from the best agile methodologies and practises in the industry back to your business.